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USMF Mexican American Leadership Initiative (MALI) Makes Major Media Buzz honoring Hillary Clinton

MALI Brunch Press Coverage
November 9, 2013

1. LA Times - Hillary Clinton hails Latino efforts, urges immigration overhaul
The fruits of the collaboration include online tools for communities in Mexico, connecting students in San Antonio with their peers in Chiapas, and summer camps for at-risk children in Juarez, she said.  “That people-to-people connection, there’s no substitute for it and you are demonstrating that,” she said. “We have to continue to work to build those connections.”
She made no mention of politics, but Cisneros, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during her husband’s administration, gave what amounted to a nomination speech when he introduced Clinton.
“From time to time on the horizon of American history, there appears a leader whose depth of understanding, whose proven experience and untiring dedication makes that leader precisely the right person for that time,” he said. “Such a leader is First Lady, U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And such a time -- such a time is now.”

2. CNN - Hillary Clinton on fast track with California blitz
Zuraya Tapia, spokeswoman for the initiative, said the group chose to honor Clinton because of her work with Mexican Americans, particularly because of her focus on development in Mexico during her time at the State Department.

3. Washington Post - In L.A., supporters of a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign are ready to get on board early
“..The elegant Town and Gown hall was jammed to capacity Saturday morning with more than 400 members of the country’s Latino political and business elite. The agenda: honoring the former secretary of state for her role in inspiring the creation of the Mexican American Leadership Initiative, a group of prominent Latinos who support philanthropic projects in Mexico and promote what Clinton called “a shared future” between the two nations. The turnout for Saturday’s event was “a way for people who are enthusiastic about the possibility of her running to show it,” Suro said.
During her speech, Clinton steered clear of political talk, emphasizing her long history of working with the Mexican American community. She recounted how her high school church group used to babysit young children in migrant camps in Illinois and reminisced about registering voters in south Texas in 1972. She also emphasized her support for enhancing the role of “diaspora” communities in helping shape relations between the United States and countries such as Mexico.

4. Hispanic Business - Mexican American Leadership Initiative Honors Clinton
The MALI awards brunch also will serve to preview USMF's upcoming "Shared Destiny Encounter" series, which will be become an annual, binational gathering of leaders from various sectors in Mexico and the U.S. The first Shared Destiny Encounter, featuring Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto, will bring together private and nonprofit CEOs from both countries in Mexico City in early 2014.

5. FOX - Hillary Clinton touts power of communities in speech to Mexican-American group
Clinton spent part of her Saturday reaching out to the Latino community, delivering a speech in Los Angeles to a major gathering of Mexican-Americans.
“We are so lucky as a nation that we have the talents of people from everywhere. Our diversity is one of our great strengths,” Clinton said.
“Part of the obvious argument of immigration reform is, we are a nation of immigrants, and we ought to be celebrating that rather than fearing it.”

6. USC Daily Trojan
Steve Kay, dean of the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, pointed out that USC is also involved in researching immigration issues through the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration.
“When we talk about being a leader of the Pacific Rim, we’re not only looking west, we’re also looking south,” Kay told the Daily Trojan. “And, to really be a leader in the Pacific Rim is to embrace binational and international relationships with Mexico and Latin America.”
Lozano, who is also a USC trustee, pointed out three things USC is doing to build relationships with the Latino community: working with neighborhood schools and making sure people have access to USC, recruiting students from USC’s office in Mexico and having academically strong programs that focus on the U.S.-Mexico relationship.  “USC is so well positioned in that it has embraced its relationship to Los Angeles and the fact that Latinos in Los Angeles are clearly the majority and growing … I think it is taking advantage of that position in ways that no other university is,” Lozano told the Daily Trojan.

7. Annenberg News - Hillary Clinton Honored by U.S. Mexico Foundation
“I believe that our best allies and partners, for all of our sakes, are right here, nearby,” said Clinton.
"What we have in common with Mexico, what Mexican Americans can help us understand better and implement, is a shared future. Not just a shared responsibility, but a vision of what is possible for us and our children and our children’s children."  Clinton reminded her audience that Mexico's future is linked to ours - and the future of many other nations.  “We need more connectivity in North America. We need more connectivity all through our hemisphere."

8. Latin Times - Immigration Reform 2013: Hillary Clinton Demands Change

9. CBS - Hillary Clinton To Receive ‘Hermandad Award’ At USC Brunch

10. KPCC Radio - Hillary Clinton burnishes ties to Latinos at Los Angeles event
In selecting Clinton for an award, MALI co-chair David Ayon said the group was impressed with her decision to encourage Mexican Americans to become more involved in supporting Mexico. It's something many have been reluctant to do amid ongoing anti-immigrant sentiment and a feeling that they need to prove their loyalty to America, he said.  "Having the support, the endorsement, the encouragement of the Secretary of State really just blew away those inhibitions," Ayon said.

11. Latinos Post - Latinos Give Hillary Clinton Award For Her Contribution To The Strengthening Of The US-Mexico Relationship

During the ceremony, which took place at the University of California, the former Secretary of State highlighted the importance of generating a greater market openness in the Americas to face global competition.  "We have to look towards opening up markets and free trade from northern Canada to southern Argentina, because we're in a global competition and I believe that our best allies and business partners are here, close to us", said Clinton.


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