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Reportaje CONACYT - Mujeres en STEM, Futuras Líderes

October 11, 2018
Ciudad de México. 9 de octubre de 2018 (Agencia Informativa Conacyt) Read More

Women in STEM, Future Leaders event at Chihuahua

April 09, 2018
Event with Governor of Chihuahua to celebrate the implementation of the program.  Read More

International Women’s Day Commemoration

March 09, 2018
International Women’s Day Commemoration at Puebla with the Governor’s wife and Secretaria de Educación Pública Read More

U.S.-Mexico Foundation Signs Agreement with SCT

February 08, 2018
Women in STEM, Future Leaders 2018 -2019 SCT & USMF signed MOU Read More

1000 Girls 1000 Futures trip to New York City

July 26, 2016
Press coverage of the 1000 Girls-1000 Futures trip to New York City Read More

Press Coverage of “1,000 Girls-1,000 Futures” signing the agreement

October 26, 2015
Media coverage of the signing of "1,000 Girls-1,000 Futures" program Read More

Press Coverage of “1,000 Girls-1,000 Futures” launch in Puebla

September 15, 2015
See press clippings and news videos of the launch of "1,000 Girls-1,000 Futures" in Puebla Read More

Press Coverage of DACA Dreamers visit to Mexico City

July 17, 2015
Media coverage of the DACA Dreamers visit to Mexico City Read More

Press Coverage of First Dreamers visit to Mexico

March 27, 2015
Media coverage of the First DACA Dreamers visit to Mexico  Read More

Press Coverage of the Launch of “Classrooms without a Border” program in Mexico City

March 16, 2015
Media coverage of the "Classrooms without a Border" program launch in Mexico City Read More

Press Coverage of Washington DC Presentation of “Los Otros Dreamers” with Ambassador Medina Mora

December 15, 2014
News Articles about the Washington, DC book presentation of "Los Otros Dreamers" co-hosted by the USMF and Amb. Eduardo Medina Mora, December 12th, 2014 Read More

USMF Mexican American Leadership Initiative (MALI) Makes Major Media Buzz honoring Hillary Clinton

November 16, 2013
USMF Mexican American Leadership Initiative (MALI) Makes Major Media Buzz honoring Hillary Clinton - Click here to review the collection of press coverage from the 2013 MALI Awards Brunch honoring Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Read More

S.A. follows through on Chiapas program

January 25, 2013
A groundbreaking San Antonio effort to improve Mexico's economy at a grass-roots level will continue in March in Chiapas. A group of San Antonians traveled to a remote area of Chiapas, the Mexican state that borders Guatemala, in November under the auspices of the U.S.-Mexico Foundation's People to People program. Three main projects emerged. Read More

Launch of the P2P Program, San Antonio Goes to Chiapas

January 14, 2013
In 2012, the USMF received a multi-year grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to develop and roll out our new People-to-People (P2P) program, intended to enhance philanthropic/binational partnerships among Mexican Americans, migrants, communities and non-governmental organizations primarily in the Chiapas, Campeche and Yucatan micro-regions. The USMF launched its pilot P2P program in Chiapas, Mexico with great success, culminating a first phase of the project with a recent visit to Chiapas by an affinity group from San Antonio, TX. Read More

U.S.-Mexico Foundation starts project to link Las Vegas diaspora with Mexican communities

July 07, 2012
Improving civil society collaborations seen as benefit to both countries. The U.S.-Mexico Foundation, a nonprofit group that coordinates philanthropy and collaborative efforts between the United States and Mexico, staged a conference that attracted many La Raza conference attendees and Las Vegas community leaders interested in strengthening ties with the United States’ southern neighbor.  Read More

S.A. team organizes for Mexico projects

June 29, 2012
San Antonio may be the first U.S. city to land a team in Mexico under the auspices of the U.S.-Mexico Foundation. Preliminary plans call for the team to help build a playground, outfit a public school and health clinic, and help create a small online university. Read More

Change sought for Mexico

April 06, 2011
On May 16 and 17, an important event in Washington, D.C., one with deep San Antonio roots, will launch a mechanism for Mexican Americans and Mexican nationals living in the United States. The program, the Mexican American Leadership Initiative, will allow them to pool contributions and to boost programs to change Mexico at a grass-roots level. The big draw of the event will be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will appear at a reception May 16 held by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation at the State Department building.  Read More

U.S.-Mexico Foundation has S.A. Roots

October 08, 2010
With Mexico's civil society continuing to disintegrate into the violence of drug smuggling and organized crime, a private-sector effort is organizing in the United States and Mexico to foster systematic change in Mexico. The effort has strong roots in San Antonio, and the Obama administration is watching. The effort is called the U.S.-Mexico Foundation.  Read More

Mexican-Americans found group to stem Mexico violence

September 21, 2010
Many Mexican-Americans in the United States have watched helplessly as drug violence has tightened its grip on the country of their ancestors. Some high-profile Mexican-Americans, including some from Los Angeles, are visiting Mexico City today where a cross-border group intends to start taking action. The group is called the Mexican American Leadership Initiative.  Read More


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