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Shared Border, Shared Future Event co-hosted with the Mexican Council of International Affairs

The event "Shared Border, Shared Future" was held in collaboration with the Mexican Council of International Affairs, with the aim of presenting a proposal for a migration policy that seeks to regulate future flows of Mexican population to the United States.

With ex-President of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo as coauthor and Michael A. Clemens as lead author, the proposal "Shared Border, Shared Future" is about a plan for a bilateral agreement designed to end illegal migration and promote the interests of U.S. and Mexican workers.

At this event, leaders of both countries met to discuss in two panels, moderated by Rebeca Vargas, how to face the bilateral challenges between Mexico and the United States.
Michael Clemens of the Center for Global Development, Alejandro Poiré of ITESM, Gustavo Mohar of Grupo Atalaya, Roberto Tapia of the Carlos Slim Foundation, Mario Hernández of Western Union and Tatyana Kleyn of the City College of New York participated as speakers.


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