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“Los Otros Dreamers” Book Tour

The U.S.-Mexico Foundation (USMF) is pleased to report the success of the  “Los Otros Dreamers” book tour; an initiative of the USMF in cooperation with Jill Anderson, the book's author, the Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME) and the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) from Mexico, through its network of Consulates in the U.S.



Between September 22nd and November 25th, 2015 the book tour visited 8 cities in the U.S.: Dallas, Houston, Austin, Raleigh, San Diego, Sacramento, Los Angeles & Phoenix. The purpose of the presentations was to promote awareness and sensitivity regarding a key issue of binational interest, that is often unknown or ignored.

"Los Otros Dreamers" is a book written by Jill Anderson with pictures of Nin Solis, co-sponsored in 2014 by the USMF. It's an anthology of 26 stories about the experience of return and deportation to Mexico of a bicultural generation who grow up in the United States. The book narrates the stories of the challenges, injustices, triumphs and potential of young Dreamers. It's a well-documented and nicely written research that combined with photographs, exemplifies unique stories of struggle and success.

During the tour, Rebeca Vargas, USMF's President and CEO, stated the USMF's commitment to continue to support to Dreamers population and the Foundation's efforts to bring attention to a unique binational phenomenon. "The USMF believes in the potential that this young generation has to influence the knowledge and perceptions that people have of Mexico in the U.S. Additionally, we believe in the Dreamers´ potential to grow professionally and continue to contribute to the economies of the U.S. and Mexico."

The book tour attracted the attention of numerous outlets. Click here see the article on the popular TV show Despierta América


Jill Anderson, author of “Los Otros Dreamers", shared that throughout her research, she realized there is a lot of ignorance on both sides of the border in relation to this issue of Dreamers returning or being deported to Mexico from the U.S. “The book emerged from in-person interviews. Each participating Dreamer selected the language in which he wanted to communicate his story.”

Francisco de la Torre, IME's Executive Director, talked about the importance that the Dreamers population has for the SRE and Mexico. "You should know that we care deeply about you and we are attentive to listen to your needs and to support you. We are proud of your contributions to Mexico and the U.S."

Rebeca Vargas also spoke about the different initiatives implemented by the USMF in support of the Dreamers population, highlighting two new programs:

• The 1,000 Dreamers - 1,000 Leaders Program is an educational mentoring program design to unlock the full professional potential of Dreamers in the U.S. and Mexico. For more information on this program click here

• Delegations of DACA Dreamers to Mexicotrip to Mexico focused on reconnecting DACA Dreamers with its country of origin. Watch the video


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