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Launch of the Aulas sin Frontera 2016 program

Event panelists

The 2016 edition of Aulas Sin Frontera, a professional exchange between Teach For America and its Mexican counterpart, Enseña por México, was launched on April 21st at the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Mexico City. The event was presided by First Secretary for North America Lydia Antonio de la Garza, U.S.-Mexico Foundation CEO and President Rebeca Vargas, VP and General Director of Western Union Mexico Rodrigo García Estebarena, and Enseña por México CEO Erik Ramírez.

Over 200 people attended the launch of the program’s third edition, including many young participants of Enseña por México and Teach For America programs.

Enseña por México and the U.S.-Mexico Foundation have joined the efforts of the Proyecta 100 Mil initiative, which seeks to promote professional mobility and the exchange of innovative academic tools, harnessing the potential of Latino talent through a binational project focused on improving education in Mexico. “Aulas Sin Frontera is a great example ofof the type of programs that the Proyecta 100 mil initiative covers. Through this intiative, young Mexican professionals are able to benefit from an experience that broadens their horizons and gives them new opportunities for professional development”, mentioned First Secretary Lydia Antonio de la Garza.


118 professionals participate in the exchange: 53 Enseña por México Professionals (PEMs), 53 Teach for America (TFA) Corps Members, y 6 staff membersfrom each institution. The exchange will take place in over 27 US cities, including Los Angeles, Dallas, San Antonio, Cambridge, San Francisco, Denver, Washington D.C, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Phoenix, San Diego, Indianapolis,among others;and in the Mexican states of Puebla, Nuevo León, Estado de México, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Chiapas, Chihuahua, and Sonora, states where Enseña por México already has a strong presence.

Aulas Sin Frontera promotes a solid long-term connection between both roups of young participants, who share a similar profile of commitment and leadership in both countries, as well as the strengthening of the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States.

USMF CEO Rebeca Vargas

“We are very proud to have collaborated with Enseña since the beginning on this initiative which has helped establish strong ties between young professionals in both countries. Through this Program, professionals gain a better understanding of the limitations and challenges faced by teachers on both sides of the border and of the similarities between their students. Likewise, Mexican professionals learn innovative teaching practices, while the Americans learn about Mexican culture, mentioned Rebeca Vargas, President and CEO, US-Mexico Foundation.

Enseña por México CEO Erik Ramírez

In his speech, Enseña por México CEO Erik Ramírez highlighted the role that organizations like Enseña por México and Teach for America have in serving as agents of change in their respective societies, and in transforming the educational landscape. He also spoke about the tremendous growth that Enseña has experienced since its inception.

Rodrigo García Estebarena, Director General of Western Union México

Meanwhile, Rodrigo García Estebarena, VP and Director General of Western Union México discussed the efforts made by theWestern Union Foundation in support of nonprofitsand educational initiatives around the world, among them, Aulas Sin Frontera.

We also had the presence of two former Aulas sin Frontera participants, Delia Rodriguez from México y Anthony De La Rosafrom the United States, who shared stories about their experiences on the program.Both highlighted being proud of being part of a binational network capable of being a catalyst for positive change.

The launch of the program’s third edition “demonstrates the commitment that each of these organizations have with education and with México to share the best practices, inside and outside of the classroom. Thanks to the program, over 12,000 pupils in over 100schools will be benefitted directly. Getting closer, each time, to the vision of Enseña por México, so that one day all children and young people in Mexico will have the same high-quality educational opportunities regardless of their background, as well as the USMF’s mission to increase ties of cooperation and understanding”. Highlighted First Secretary Lydia Antonio de la Garza.
The 2016 edition of the “Aulas sin Frontera” exchange program would not have been possible without the support of the U.S. - Mexico Foundation and the Western Union Foundation. “We are very thankful to the USMF for its continuous strategic partnership  in helping us design the program, and to both the USMF and the Western Union Foundation for their financial support in implementing the program. This would not have been possible without their contribution” saidErik Ramírez, CEO of Enseña por México.


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