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A New Program Opens New Opportunities for Returned Dreamers

Graduates from Puebla with Rebeca Vargas, USMF's President & CEO, Frances Westbrook, Cultural Affairs at the US Embassy in Mexico, Dilip Verma, MacMillan Course Coordinator, and Roberto Torres, Marketing Director, MacMillan

The USMF is happy to announce the successful completion of the first year of a Program focused on providing Returned Dreamers with new professional opportunities in Mexico while contributing to solve Mexico's significant deficit of English Language teachers.

Graduates from Mexico City with Rebeca Vargas, Dilip Verma, Frances Westbrook and Roberto Torres

Through this new program, young Mexican professionals who grow up in the US and are back in Mexico, have the opportunity to leverage their English proficiency to obtain a certification as English Language Teachers.

The U.S.-Mexico Foundation (USMF) is implementing this program in collaboration with RedNova, with support from the US Embassy in Mexico. 

The Program started in September and included all-day intensive classes on Saturdays for three months. In this first generation, 63 participants from the D.F., Puebla and Guadalajara were able to complete successfully all the curriculum, exams and projects, obtaining a certification as English language teachers. See the video and pictures from the December 5th event when participants received their Certificates of Completion and Diplomas:

The USMF thanks the US Embassy in Mexico and RedNova for their partnership and congratulates the Program's participants. The USMF is confident that this Program is not only helping Dreamers reinsert themselves professionally in Mexico, but will also be of significant impact for the Mexican students who will benefit from having a certified English  language teacher with full fluency of the English language and deep knowledge of the American culture.

The Guadalajara Group receiving their certificate of completion in December 2015 


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