U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Grant Guidelines

The U.S.-Mexico Foundation provides funding to qualified non-profit organizations in Mexico that work to strengthen education in Mexico and develop greater understanding and cooperation between the two countries.  In this section you can review our areas of focus and eligibility requirements and take the first step towards requesting funding from the USMF.

Areas of Focus

The USMF provides funding to organizations working to strengthen education in Mexico and develop binational cooperation.  Our specific areas of focus are:


• STEM fields 
• English language acquisition 
• Civic Engagement
• Developing youth leadership

Binational Cooperation

Increasing cultural appreciation and understanding between Mexico and the US
• Encouraging connections and collaboration between citizens of both countries
• Fostering a binational collaborative philanthropic landscape

Projects and organizations that combine both major areas of focus will be given priority.

Eligibility Requirements

The Foundation directs its resources to qualified organizations whose activities are within the focus areas mentioned above. There are no fixed deadlines for submission of grant applications; rather submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.


The following are exceptions to eligibility for U.S.-Mexico Foundation grants:
- Individuals, governmental organizations, or religious projects.
- Endowments and capital campaigns.
- Equipment and construction projects, unless they are pre-approved as an integral part of a project already being funded.
- Generally the foundation does not fund direct scholarships or production costs for film, television, and radio projects.

Submitting a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

After reviewing the information above, if you consider that your organization or project is in line with the Foundation’s funding priorities, we encourage you to submit your proposal whenever possible. You do not need to discuss the project with USMF Staff before submitting the application.

Grant seekers must create an account on the USMF’s grant management system and complete a LOI, which will help us determine whether the proposed project is aligned with the mission of the USMF. USMF staff will review all submissions and reply to each proposal submitted. The selected organizations will be invited to submit a formal proposal and/or offer further clarification of the proposed project.


USMF is a registered 501 (c) (3)

Email: info@usmexicofound.org

U.S. Office:

708 3rd Ave.
5th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Tel +1 (917) 287-7136