U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Grantee: University of Southern California

Program: U.S. Mexico-Network

  • Grantee Location: United States
  • Focus Area: Building Bridges
  • Geographic Focus: Binational
  • Amount: $35,363 USD
  • Partners: USC and Ford Foundation. In-kind support from the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute.

Statement of Purpose
The heart of the U.S.-Mexico Network will be a web site that provides a permanent foundation for the iterated contacts essential to bi-national communication and collaboration across a wide range of issues and undertakings.  The web site will host a series of curated conversations, educational tie-ins, and electronic publishing that are completely bi-lingual (with each participant permitted to write in his or her preferred language) among a vetted group of participants from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.  This will be coupled with the real world meetings, which research demonstrates reinforces the quality and duration of virtual collaborations. The purpose of this grant is to promote both virtual and real-world bilateral conversations – through web-based discussions on a wide range of topics, educational initiatives, and a binational conference – to foster cross-border communication, collaboration, education, and understanding. The requested funding from the U.S.-Mexico Foundation would finance a three-year start-up phase for the web-based conversations and educational tie-ins.

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