U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Grantee: Reforestamos México, AC

Program: Human development training and capacity building for Entrepreneurship Community Agents

  • Grantee Location: Mexico City
  • Focus Area: Economic Opportunity & Sustainable Dev.
  • Geographic Focus: Puebla, Durango, Estado de Mexico, Jalisco, Michoacán and Oaxaca
  • Amount: $5,000 USD
  • Partners: Bimbo, Fomento Social Banamex, BBVA Bancomer, Productos Internacionales Mabe, Hewlett Packard de México.
  • http://youtu.be/qCSk6KQ0RhE

Statement of Purpose
The primary idea behind the human development training and capacity building project for Entrepreneurial Community Agents is to create the backbone for sustainable forestry in order to ensure preservation of the forests Mexico needs for its development.

Over time, ejidos and local communities have been trained by qualified specialists to develop skills for responsible forest harvesting which are based on the realities and cultural understandings of the communities and the specific industrial needs of each sawmill. However, there is a profound need to work with them on human development and empowerment.

Reforestamos México seeks to promote the development of technical and methodological skills in Entrepreneurial Community Agents (ECAs) through a “hands-on training” method  to implement and evaluate sustainable forest management projects and build a network of ECAs in order to achieve a high level of productivity and competitiveness, while ensuring social responsibility, sustainability and human development. The goal is to encourage their motivations and aspirations through focused technical training program that also seeks to promote an entrepreneurial mindset and skills. Reforestamos México analyzes the needs of those involved in the project and builds a methodology that will help them in their personal and professional development.

Reforestamos México is a nonprofit that receives most of its funding from Grupo Bimbo, company with whom the USMF has initiated a dialogue regarding the potential of asking Bimbo Bakeries USA to open their clients, providers and other stakeholder networks to ask to support projects such as this, to be featured in the USMF online giving platform.
Reforestamos México acknowledges that the solutions to environmental problems, mainly deforestation, can’t be imposed to forest owners. Through community engagement and buy-in of local leaders, communities need to identify their needs and establish solutions to preserve and restore Mexican forests.

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