U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Grantee: Fundación Infantia, AC

Program: Youth Career Initiative Mexican American Leadership Initiative Civil Society Awardee 2011

  • Grantee Location: Mexico City
  • Focus Area: Economic Development
  • Geographic Focus: Mexico City
  • Amount: $5,000 USD
  • http://youtu.be/32iE5YldZSQ

Statement of Purpose
Fundación Infantia seeks to provide at-risk youth and victims of human trafficking with expertise that will improve their employability through the Youth Career Initiative — a collaboration among international hotel chains to provide job opportunities, vocational training, and life skills. The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is a six month educational program for at-risk or disadvantaged youth (17 to 21 years old). The program aims to empower young participants to make well-informed career decisions and identify occupational and vocational options available to them. This allows them to increase their employability and improve their socio-economic opportunities.

The program is made possible by a unique partnership with the international hotel industry through which the participating hotels provide human operational and training resources to impart education.

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