U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Grantee: Fideicomiso F/ 2001089 Bécalos

Program: Inter-American Partnership for Education

  • Grantee Location: Mexico City
  • Focus Area: Education
  • Geographic Focus: National
  • Amount: $15,000 USD
  • Partners: Fundación Televisa , Asociación de Bancos de México, Secretaría de Educación Pública

Statement of Purpose
Bécalos aims to offer teacher training in the public school system in order to achieve higher quality of education and gives scholarships to low income students so they can complete middle, high school studies and university.

The IAPE Teachers' Collaborative is designed for English language educators at under-resourced public schools in Mexico, who have leadership potential and advanced English proficiency.  Because the composition of the group is key to the success of the program, the selection process attempts to identify groups of three to four people from the same state with different levels of responsibility who commit to work together.

Mexico faces an important English teacher deficit, insufficient grade coverage at national level, and poor language proficiency in those who teach English. The USMF considers that the IAPE program tackles a critical issue of the educational system in Mexico – the deficit of English teachers. After three years of implementation, the comprehensive and innovative program has demonstrated successful results both with teachers and students. The program is a collective effort of a bi-national partnership of renowned foundations, corporations and non-profits.

The IAPE program has a direct impact in training teachers to improve the quality of English language education in Mexico.  The cost of the program per teacher is $5,000 USD. Knowing that English teachers in Mexican public schools teach to more than one grade, investing in an English teacher has a greater impact in the number of total students receiving quality language classes.

Lastly, the USMF is convinced that building bridges between our two countries together and promoting a deeper understanding of our cultures and making the most of our geographic proximity is directly related with having Mexicans learning English.

Program Progress and/or Results
40 teachers participated in the program that took place on July 14-29, 2012. Participants were housed in residence halls at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League institution located in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. Each day included interactive workshops during which participants were introduced to dynamic language teaching techniques pioneered by world-renown language professor John A. Rassias and seminars conducted by Dartmouth faculty members and other leading educators on such topics as language assessment, interdisciplinary instruction, mentoring, and children at risk. The program also included evening cultural activities and cultural excursions to nearby towns and/or major cities round out the program.

In addition, an external evaluator will measure students’ and teachers’ confidence about their English skills, reading comprehension, writing and verbal skills; the number of collaborations and exchanges amongst English teachers;  new teaching methods applied and the appropriation of Rassias model philosophy.

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