U.S.-Mexico Foundation

Grantee: Casa Promoción Juvenil, AC

Program: Transition Summer Camp Mexican American Leadership Initiative Civil Society Awardee 2011

  • Grantee Location: Chihuahua
  • Focus Area: Education
  • Geographic Focus: Ciudad Juárez
  • Amount: $10,000 USD

Statement of Purpose
CASA Promoción Juvenil works in marginalized communities throughout Ciudad Juárez to strengthen youth leadership and promote school retention. In 2010 as part of a broader effort with other partners such as the International Youth Foundation, CASA produced a four-week summer camp experience for youth 12 to 14 years-old.

CASA faced several cases requiring special support as some students experienced a difficult time in their families: abandonment, death, loss of jobs, in which cases CASA maintained a strong contact with the youngsters beyond regular workshops and meetings.

Program Progress and/or Results
The grant supported the summer camp follow-up program throughout the school year, with the participation of241 adolescents from 19 different public middle schools.  The program offered workshops on life skills, academic enhancement, meals, and other activities. There were workshops for making bracelets, chocolates, painting, graffiti and Hip Hop, which motivated some youth to discover new talents and achievements. Transversal subjects covered by the program included: gender equity, human rights, respect for diversity, life planning, prevention and health, etc.

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