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Grant giving is one of the key programmatic areas of focus for the U.S.-Mexico Foundation.  The USMF provides funding to qualified non-profits on both sides of the border that work to strengthen education and civic engagement in Mexico and develop greater binational cooperation and understanding. USMF grants target high impact, catalytic programs that create innovative solutions to challenges in our key focus areas of education, civic engagement and binational cooperation. Beyond providing critical seed funding to these programs, the USMF works to ensure their sustainability by leveraging its connections and expertise to help them succeed.

Education Transformation Fund

The Education Transformation Fund (ETF) is the USMF’s flagship grant giving program, which works to strengthen Mexico’s educational sector by funding innovative, scalable educational programs that can serve as models for national change. Since its inception, the fund has provided over $2.3 million to 48 organizations across the country, impacting 156,000 students and 3,000 teachers in 420 schools across the country, supporting novel approaches to education such as public-private partnerships for educational improvement, a strong focus on civic engagement, continuous programmatic revision, and coalition building among parents, teachers and students. A crucial component of the ETF’s success is its promotion of collaborative binational philanthropic landscapes in education, exemplified by its role in introducing the successful KIPP and TFA models to Mexico.  Both programs were launched in Mexico with seed funding from the ETF and are now in their third year of expansion providing innovative solutions to educational challenges for a growing number of Mexican students.

Civic Engagement Fund

Launched in 2015, the USMF's "Civic Engagement Fund" suppports citizen participation and the developement of leaders with a sense of social responsibility in Mexico. Grants from this fund support organizations focused on fostering greater civic engagement in the country through educational and community outreach programs, with a particular emphasis on projects serving youths from at-risk backgrounds. A few examples of the projects this fund supports include the developement of trageted curriculum and trainings on the culture of legality for different groups ranging from businesses to elementary schools and a program through which youths develop and implement projects on the rule of law for their communities.

Learn about the USMF guidelines for grant giving and explore the different organizations we’ve supported throughout the years.

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